16 September 2008

My Monogram

falling out of an ice-box
        like Heinie Conklin
is a moment

our biographies of summer colds
& winter squash sidle
we are back in the dark
among forgotten royalty
Joan Woodbury   Belita   Ann Corio
princesses of Poverty Row

darkness is real
growing population of memorial cards
stuck in a bible
darkness is creatd
Tex Ritter & Snub Pollard
evading bad boy gun play
it's all darkness
Bela or Boris
gumshoe under lamppost

rewind to the Lincoln
long narrow theater of childhood
saturday matinee double feature
imprinting shadows forever

barefoot boy in man's country
(Frankie Darro was one of Mom's favorites)
holds hands with cousin

decades careen around corner
cop car in Chinatown
everyone searching for Temple of Eternal Flame

Lincoln long gone
its flame still flickers
in forever shadows

cut to a young Mitchum
in trenchcoat
walking into the frame

another moment

before nite
swallows me


Anonymous said...

Well that was a lot of "Google-ing" dear. But well worth it. A special treat from the poet of the changing shadows of celebrity.

AlexG said...

thx Bill.

not so much google-ing actually. I'm a huge fan of Monogram Pictures & watching a Keye Luke drama the other nite ignitd this.