25 September 2008

inside McCain's head

my father returnd from WW2 with a condition then calld shell shock. today it's calld post traumatic stress syndrome. Dad was able to control it & lead a fairly normal life. but as he became elderly it returnd with a vengeance.

Senator McCain refuses to release his medical records. he wants to be our oldest president ever but won't let the electorate know the particulars of his health. I'm not so concernd abt his cancer history. but I fear no one is talking abt post traumatic stress. that condition wd explain his legendary bad temper. it wd also explain the volatility of his decision-making during this campaign. if conservative Republicans are concernd abt his theatrics   can you imagine a nation having to live with a president performing such frequent stunts.

asking to postpone the debate is a cheap trick. & suggesting postponing it till the veep debate so that Gov. Palin will have more time to learn her lines is pathetic.

if Obama doesn't win by a landslide then the nation deserves its decline.


Anonymous said...

i sooooo agree with you.

Bill Fogle said...

Interesting! I have forwarded to political friends.

gleeindc said...

I also agree and, if the voters are a0 foolish enough or b) taken in by him and his running mate, then I think their country deserves what they have chosen. I just feel sorry for those of us who have to suffer along with them.