14 September 2008


David's dear sister sent me a packet of his photographs. & what emotions that brought forth. many I have copies of. however there were at least a dozen that not only don't I have but I don't recall ever seeing.

for instance   I have zero memory of when or where David took this of me posing as a statue.

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Anonymous said...

When my (homo) uncle died last summer, hundreds of cards, letters, and photos saw the light of day once more. I spent a couple of weeks up there helping my aunt (his sister) sift through it all. My "surprise" was a complete set of Christmas and birthday cards my mother had sent him, full of annotations about her/our life when I was a teenager (including the date of my engagement, which I had forgotten). The chance to read this unseen material written by my mother was electrifying for me. She was speaking from the grave.