22 September 2008

Melina (1990-2006)

hard to believe it's been 2 years already since the loss of my sweet companion.


Anonymous said...

She looks a bit Siamese, but hard to tell. Tough to know whether the shock is that we have lost those who defined our lives, or that we have contrived to live on without them. For me, there's a kind of shame in the latter. Surely we must look like people who have run out of love.

AlexG said...

she was part red point siamese but because she was not pure her owner dumpd her off at the pound in Ravenna.

she lived with me longer than either of my partners.

altho I made the decision not to have another pet Melina's bowl is always full on the back portal. several neighborhood felines come to it for a treat. & one of those -- Jonathan -- has become a particular friend.

malibu boy said...

Bless Melina. She was a wonderful four-legged soul.