20 September 2008

last nite

Marsha Hunt turns 91 next month. she was in Santa Fe for our local film noir festival. one of the movies with which she appeard was "Kid Glove Killer" which I saw last year. so I went to the screening of Andre DeToth's "None Shall Escape." I wdn't classify this political film as a noir but it was a last minute replacement for a true noir they cdn't get.

Hunt has a great memory & remains a lively involvd person. she just made a short which was shown & producd a CD of a singer she likes & did a book of fashion stills.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible. I think the adjustment to age is the "proof" of a personality. Whether a personality
"worked" or was jst a sham. Physical attractiveness in advanced age ... well, it's almost a sign of divinity. It is its own beauty, as stirring as the other kind.