08 September 2008

this is

the third day I haven't left the house. got whompd bigtime by what's generically calld "a cold." I do believe I made myself vulnerable to such insult by my agitation over Sarah Appalling & a personal matter.

felt a bit better upon waking. then I turnd on the news & heard that McCain has jumpd ahead in the polls. almost lost my oatmeal.


Jack said...
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Jack said...

A --

(Previous post got buggy.)

Feel better. Do it on your own. The polls are EKGs -- that was the analogy someone on CNN used. Polls like the Gallop measure louder voices and other indices of 'enthusiasm.' One hope is that the pollsters miss all the bright cell phone addicts. Pollsters don't have ready access to cells, so they're reaching only bloggers and others who stay at their desks, answering the call, especially the guys who are home sick with a cold!

Another hope is that this time dem operatives will finally loose their third-term puritanism, step away from their fear of anit-intellectualism, and fight emotionally, as if they were mad. This is not the passion of Christ, they don't have to take it on the chin or turn another chin. They should swing for jugulars and other body parts (like the publicans) and draw blood.

I love oatmeal, btw. Haven't had any for two years. You just reminded me.

-- J

monica said...

read a blog this weekend where palin was referred to as "caribou barbie"

thought it was funny -- hope it brings a smile to you -- sorry you've been under the weather.

AlexG said...

thx for the comments.

I improve slowly. still waiting for video of Sarah in full blast Toronto blessing. but will that scare the white women who are giving the GOP ticket their blind support?