01 August 2005

& some came naked

for the opening of its exhibition "The Naked Truth" Vienna's Leopold Museum gave free admission to those coming without habiliments.

can you imagine the uproar the biblebangers wd cause were such to happen here?


Tom Beckett said...

It would make a great documentary to attempt something like that here and to record what happens.

richard lopez said...

naw, tom, it would be too sad and infuriating. here in sac there is a life-size nude of zeus downtown at the civic center. last year an evengalical christian group having a convention at the center objected to poor old naked zeus and clothed him in a business suit. all with the approving nod of civic leaders. makes me laugh so hard i can weep.

AlexG said...

I propose that John Ashcroft's birthday become National Clothing Optional Day. a day in which the citizenry can appear in public sans business suits.

Tom Beckett said...

I 2nd the motion!
Perhaps it would teach
Mr Ashcroft
some ass craft!

AlexG said...