28 August 2005

so many stories

yesterday I took in part of Santa Fe's inaugural short story festival. an all-day outdoor reading was too much for steady concentration. however 2 writers caught my ear: Demetria Martinez who makes irreverence an art & Cyrus Samii who turns the history of Iran into "a sad fairy tale."

in the evening actors took to the Lensic stage to read. best were the Brits: elegant Rosemary Harris reading Katharine Mansfield   energetic Henry Goodman tackling D. H. Lawrence   sexy Simon Templeman making merry with P. G. Wodehouse. & sitting near me were a couple of writers who have had luck with the short story  . Edna O'Brien & Joyce Carol Oates.

after such a spoken fiction glut I'm willing to wander my high desert storyless for a while.

Cyrus Samii reads as well as he looks. Posted by Picasa

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