31 July 2005

times change

for the first time in a while I went to a party yesterday. it was a potluck dinner/housewarming. it brought back memories of my Kent years when the house on Morris Rd was part hotel   part party center. any poet passing thru town knew he cd stay at my place. & social gatherings were frequent & often impromptu. once I'd just returnd from visiting my parents in Elyria for the day to discover the nite-blooming cereus was in spectacular blossom. so I calld up friends & voila: instant party.

in the past 5 or so years here it seems I've been aiming toward hermithood. as I grow older being social takes more work. my circle of friends in town is less than a handful.

today I'm beginning to clean house. next month marks a sort of return to my old role of host with more out-of-town guests than I've had in some time.

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