30 August 2005

shame on you Mr. President

yesterday things didn't look so bad. but now we're seeing the severity of Katrina. it's times like these when the nation needs a strong & compassionate chief executive.

so what did our leader do today? he performd "business as usual"   giving another "this war is good speech" before a hand-pickd audience & comparing himself to FDR.

perhaps his wheelchair wd've kept that president from surveying the damage but I cd just see Eleanor inspecting firsthand on a flyover. this president continues to diminish his already shaky place in history   to embarrass the nation before the world   to insult those very people who electd him.

what a pity that Karl Rove is making him cut his vacation 2 days short because of some hurricane. already in his presidency he's spent an entire year on vacation on the farm. he shames the office.


Scott W said...

Well said. Glad to know Durly is ok.

AlexG said...

thx for stopping by Scott.

BTW I like yr solarizd shoulder.

Moi said...

Gee, that's so BIG of him to cut his vacation short. I really feel so much better about his presidency now.

The fucking asshole.


AlexG said...

suddenly he's all over tv. it's the same as 9/11 & the tsunami. he was late to act in both but his p.r. people workd overtime to make it look like he's a leader.

mass said...

JJ posted a link in his blog to an interesting article about how the Iraq war budget diverted much needed money from the Army Corps of Engineers: