31 August 2005

more disgust

some believe global warming is causd by man's greed & that global warming causd Katrina. so when this administration finally actd today what's the first thing they do: relax environmental protection standards. will Shrub never stop playing to his base?

speaking of his base   some whacko Christian group in Philadelphia is blaming Katrina on gays saying it's God's way to punish New Orleans for Southern Decadence.

my depression is getting worse by the hour.

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left handed said...

Such is the Force of Happiness --
The Least -- can lift a Ton
Assisted by its stimulus --

Who Misery -- sustain --
No Sinew can afford --
The Cargo of Themselves --

Too infinite for Consciousness'
Slow capabilities.


Focus on your body
moving through space.

On You within your body's

On you
because it's