03 December 2004

festival: day 3

I read more biographies than novels. so my passion for documentaries shd be no surprise. today I saw 4.

as a cineaddict I was drawn to "Tell Them Who You Are" for what I cd learn abt the career of Haskell Wexler. & I learnd a great deal. however as the son of a man dealing with his mortality I found the power of the film in what it reveals abt a difficult father-son relationship. like any significant piece of art it works on several levels.

"David Leddick's The Male Nude" is a disappointment. I appreciate Leddick's publishd scholarship but this film is a trifle. all that's new are a few haphazard interviews with photographers. my only joy here was chatting beforehand with Mel Fellini     a model for both George Platt Lynes & Paul Cadmus.

"Other People's Pictures" is a small gem. it's a study of snapshot collectors shot primarily at Chelsea Flea Market where Ira Joel Haber once took me. look for it.

but today's best came last. "The Loss of Nameless Things" is a major work. it relates the tragic but triumphant life of playwright Oakley Hall III.

Oakley Posted by Hello

it's an emotional film & before the tears had dried both Hall (left) & filmmaker Bill Rose (right) appeard for a discussion. so it turnd into a double treat.

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Moi said...

Wow... this film sounds great (The Loss of Nameless Things). I hope it will be availble on DVD one of these days; I'd love to see it.