13 December 2004

my weekend

I flew to Palm Springs to be interviewd by Kimberly Nichols for The Bottom Line. it was the most unorthodox interview of my life. neither tape recorder nor notepad were present. even tho this was our first meeting I trustd Kimberly.

meeting Kimberly Posted by Hello

she had e'd me some time ago saying she likes my work & requesting an interview. we startd an online collaboration of digital self-portraits. so even before my arrival in her hometown I felt I knew her. she's a dame     in the film noir sense. larger than life.

the next nite I went to an appearance by John Waters. he's been at this for sometime. I last saw him do it at Kent State in 1985. now it's much more a stand-up comic's routine than a serious discussion of his work. I have no proof that we ever saw each other in Provincetown in the '60s but it's such a small place I presume we were at the A-House at the same time.

with Mr. Waters Posted by Hello

on saturday morning I experiencd one of those idyllic poolside moments that spin in memory till it glistens. later an internet buddy from LA droppd by to catch up.

yesterday was a balance of lollygagging & perambulation while today was a travel day.

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