23 December 2004


1976 photo by Roy Blakey Posted by Hello

so much of any holiday season is abt music. that of now but as one ages more often that of another season.

as I clean house today getting ready to be somewhat social tomorrow I put on CDs. & there was Gotham. listening to one of my all-time favorite groups always propels me back to the '70s. seeing them perform on both coasts was a thrill then & a happy memory now.

I esp livend up when their cover of Peter Allen"s "Go to Rio" came on. manana I'm preparing a Brazilian dinner.

the trio no longer performs together. but happily all three of these dear men are still with us. so before I return to scrubbing floors let me send out major holiday hugs to David & Gary & Michael for all the years of joy they've brought me.

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