08 December 2004


so what do my friends think of this?

the response has been mostly silence.

but dear Ira Joel weighd in last nite: checked out your blog, don't really understand the blog thing, its kind of like farting in the wind. No?

I think when I began this last month I thot I'd be joining the community of poets who have a lively interaction. but I'm not as intelligent as Silliman nor as witty as Beckett. & I certainly didn't want to copy the pissing contests that go on in some of those blogs. so I startd thinking of this as a continuation of my correspondence with Richard Martin.

Richard was one of the dearest people in my life & I miss him daily. in that time before everyone shot off e-mail he & I wd type out letters to each other on every possible topic. sometimes 3 & 4 letters a day. here I am with Ricahrd (he's on the right) in 1990:

now that I have Richard as my guide I feel more centerd here. so I'll keep on with whatever comes to mind.


Blog ho said...


jeff w said...

Ira J has an uncommonly nescient view of "open journals"; I can hear him now talking to emily dickinson: emily honey, why write all those little scribbles, where's it gettin ya who's readin 'em? you've got to get outta the house and sell sell sell!

write to the spirit of your "youth" if you must; write to a favorite personal god if you want, just keep posting.

I'd use the: A Mural is Made of Mosaic tiles metaphor but that's so obvious.

there's plenty of room in the Borges Library so keep at it.

Tom Beckett said...


Please do keep it up. It seems such a natural extension of earlier stuff you've done. Your work has often had a sort of proto-blogging quality--whether in postcard poems, or pieces rooted in the quotidian.

Nonetheless, writing often does seem like "farting in the wind." Better to do it al fresco, I guess, than in a stuffy classroom.

Be well, amigo.

Steve said...

Glad you're out here

whether you piss and fart or not.

:) Steve

Moi said...

Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.

CD recommendation-- Dear Heather by Leonard Cohen. More poetic and moving than ever...
sending chills up my spine and down my soul.



richard lopez said...


love your blogging, especially your movie commments. do keep it up. silence? not on this end. you have a reader here in california.


Judson said...

Do it for me. Isn't that why everyone does everything anyway?

I like reading your blog, it is somedays like little postcards from Santa Fe, and I can read and think, oh yes, I am not just an oklahombre, once I lived someplace else. Plus, you know, while you may not be as intellegent as Silliman, you are plenty intellegent for me, and reading you makes me feel, to quote tejaz "edjumacated".

and um... yeah I'd post more but I seem to have trouble remembering my user name and password. Seems some other fool is using Dante as name her eon blogger.

mark young said...

months ago, just after i started pelican dreaming, you left a little poem - now sadly disappeared since i changed to blogger comments - in the comments box for which i was most grateful.
when i started out i used to think of blogging as if it were a two-way mirror in an interview room, & you'd wonder who was on the other side. then after a while you don't care if there's anyone there but write for the person on the other side of the table, probably someone you know personally or whose persona, as it comes through their blog, is someone you'd like to know.
anyway, now i'm just farting in the wind, so i'll stop & just say i like what you're doing.

AlexG said...

just back from Palm Springs & before I post abt that experience I checkd here & wowzer.....

thank you all. makes me feel wonderful.

now..... if I can remember how to use Hello.....