18 December 2004

there's no business like

Miss Mahaffey   adviser to my high school paper   had a subscription to the Broadway series at the venerable Hanna Theater in nearby Cleveland. unable to use one of her tickets   she gave it to me. & so I saw my first stage musical. it was "West Side Story" with its original star Larry Kert. I was so excitd I thot I'd leap out of my seat.

thousands of plays later I still can get a jolt from live theater. so I was keen on seeing Rick McKay's "Broadway: The Golden Age." & it doesn't disappoint. a blend of old footage with fresh interviews   it's a major thrill. I found myself often on the verge of. most of the archival material was new to me. to hear Laurette Taylor for the first time. to see precious footage of Kim Stanley on stage. combine this with more recent observations from Julie Harris & Chita Rivera. I cd easily see this one again.

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