25 December 2004

Beethoven & Beets

neighbor Rita & I went to town to hear Chee-Yun perform Beethoven's only violin concerto. then back to my house for a Brazilian dinner:
salad (shellfish shrimp on greens with a slice of marinatd mozzarella & a scattering of black olives & cherry tomatoes)
honey baked ham with tropical fruit relish
beet/potato salad
chocolate mousse.

leftovers & laundry
family phone calls
on tv: Kurt Browning evoking Nijinsky
Kafka's "The Bucket Rider" (sent by David Meredith)
next to last "Bridge over Arroyo" photo
Zeffirelli's Callas film
Alex in Movieland revisions
a glimpse of Percy Helton (circa 1951).

1 comment:

jeff w said...

yum yum.
thanks for the tasty
christmas flavors