18 January 2006

snail mail

not much comes that way anymore -- except bills. & Mother's weekly envelope of clippings. however today I got 2 packages. my Fort Worth penpal -- responding to my post here abt wearing the clothes of other people -- sent me 2 Hawaiian shirts & Cherokee cargo shorts of such a lovely cotton/nylon mix that I had to put them on immediately.

& Ira Joel often sends me packets of goodies. today is was a batch of vintage Playbills -- including 4 of Tennessee Williams productions. also he sent examples of his work -- color copies of some 1971 drawaings & a suite of versions of the photo P. Craig Russell took of us on that long-ago Oscar nite. here's one in which I think we look like a couple of Marx Brothers:

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thx gentlemen. major hugs to you both.

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Malibu said...

I love how it took 11 days for those clothes to travel over to the next state - really makes me want to think that recent postal increase was worth it. Argh.

Glad they even made it at all! I'd better scrounge up some winter goodies so they'll arrive in time for Christmas this year.