15 January 2006

images linger/ideas spin

so I mow thru this new Black Dahlia book. & I can't shake it.

I go to Crag Hill's blog. he begins a "give my stamp a name" competition. the first image is a piece of sidewalk with some grass (which will become "course would course"). I immediately see the lot on Norton where the bisectd parts of Elizabeth Short were found.

then this morning I begin reading Mark Young's Betabet & encounter the line "Sacred / sites are fairground / businesses." I remember Wolfe discussing Harry Hensen bending over Beth's pieces at that Norton lot. the author quotes something Hansen wrote in a police handbook: "Homicide is a union that never dies. Like marriage, murder is an irreversible act. It can never be changed, or the circumstances altered. The murderer and the victim are tied together in a bond that goes on into infinity. That's why I say it's sacred, and every murder scene has its sacred ground which should not be touched." but of course the Norton lot quickly became what Mark mite call a fairground.

I no longer remember when I first saw those grisly photos taken on Norton but they are as indelible as images from the JFK assassination & the Kent State massacre. & they obviously color my vision.

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