31 January 2006


fascinating that "War of the Worlds" got both Oscar & Razzie noms. I confess I haven't seen it. it's just too painful to watch Tom Cruise.


Regality said...

I fell in lust with TC when I saw him in "Risky Business" and out of lust with him the second he mentioned Scientology.

irajoel said...

Poor Tom, I guess being in the closet for so long and his use of Scientology has gotten to his brain. I discovered him in The Outsiders and had a big crush on him for a long time. I haven't quite given up on him, sometimes he can be very good ie. Born On the 4th Of july or Magnolia.

AlexG said...

at first I fell for Tom as well. that was when he was scampering around on screen in his undies. & I liked Mel Gibson in that speedo in "Tim." but now we know too much abt celebs. when they turn out to be religious nuts or cultists or homophobes I have a great deal of difficulty parting with my money to see them on screen. I think the studio days were better. perhaps their control of the press was unreasonable by today's standards but at least fans cd just enjoy George Nader in his wet bathing suit & not know he was a Republican.