19 January 2006

Janis Joplin

today is her birthday. she was born 3 months before me.

the only time I heard her was in aug 1969 at Blossom Center in Ohio. one of the great musical moments of my life. we were both 26. she died abt 13 months later.

how often in that in-between time have I heard her sing "Me & Bobby McGee." I don't need to slap the vinyl on a turntable. it's burnd in my head.


Okir said...

I know what you mean...along with "Oh Lord, won't you buy me...a color TV? / Dialing for dollars is trying to find me!"

irajoel said...

wow thanks for reminding me. I was lucky to have seen her perform 3 times . the first time was at the filmore east she shared the bill with The Grateful Dead. Then I saw her at the old forest hills tennis stadium, and the last time was at Madison Sq. Garden. I was on the subway when I saw the newspaper headline that she had died.

AlexG said...

go to Pelican Dreaming for Mark Young's comment in the form of a poem.

durlx said...

I also saw Janis in 1969 at a fraternity council sponsored concert in a gym at Cornell. Just before the performance, my friend Todd and I spotted her near the stage and we went over and talked to her briefly. She was very sweet and friendly and seemed happy and centered. We were about ten feet from the stage for the show.