02 January 2006

rain on Bill's parade

don't think I've ever seen a Tournament of Roses Parade broadcast before. abt all I know abt it is that my friend May McAvoy was parade queen back in the '20s. but New Mexico had a float this year so I turnd it on.

the network commentators were so inane that I switchd to HGTV. I felt so bad for all those band members having to play for hours in the rain.

my state hasn't had a float in years. I'm sure the only reason we have one today is because our governor wants to be president & there he was waving in the rain. I'd take the downpour as a bad omen but I'm sure Richardson will finese his way out of that & as politicians are wont to do turn it all into sunshine.


Shimmy said...

Rained in Chicago today, too. I hid from it.

Thanks for the happy new year wishes, Melina! And for you, I hope that guy you live with lets you outside every time you look up at a doorknob.

Alex Gildzen said...

Shim sweets -- I used to have my own little courtyard & I'd run outside anytime I wantd. but then this evildoer (I think the old guy sd it's calld a raccoon)began to visit. so now I can only go out there when I'm with the old guy. but I don't mind 'cause I've found this great new hiding place. I'd tell you where it is but I'm afraid the old guy reads this.


Regality said...

For the past couple of years, I've watched the parade on the commercial-free channel. This year, it wasn't on. It wasn't until I read your post that I realized I had tuned into FoodTV, not HGTV. Another forehead slapping moment!

Alex Gildzen said...

that adobe structure on my state's float was made of oatmeal & cinnamon so maybe it shd've been on Food Channel.