17 January 2006

Golden Globes

I was pissd at the Hollywood Foreign Press for not nominating Jake Gyllenhaal. then the show came on a few hours after I had to fork over an unexpectd $500 plus to a plumber. so I wasn't in the best mood for the frivolity that is this second-tier awards show.

altho I have issues with "Brokeback Mountain" I want it to win everything just to tick off those religious bigots who enjoy preaching against it. but I must say I was disgustd when Dennis Quaid sneeringly calld it a "dick flick." & I wasn't pleasd when the folks from the movie who did win faild to mention its theme.

in fact the only clever acceptance speeches came from tv folk whose work I don't know (Hugh Laurie & Steve Carrell). at least we got to see a minute & a half of Catherine Deneuve.

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