21 January 2006

mail from Mom

I've mentiond before that at least once a week my mother sends me an envelope full of clippings. she's done this forever.

the current mailing has the usual obits (deaths I already know abt: Phyllis Gates & Shelley Winters). there was also an article abt the naming of Jack Hirschman poet laureate of San Francisco. if John Macker hadn't sent me a notice of that a few days ago I wdn't have known. what makes it sweet is that Hirschman is a critic of Gavin Newsom but the sexiest mayor in America named him anyway.

but there were 2 articles which were fresh news & both were abt donations in the arts. the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts made a significant gift to support the Katrina Artists Fund which in turn grants cash to artists in Alabama & Louisiana & Mississippi & Texas who sufferd from the hurricane.

& Paul Newman -- one of the great actors in the history of film -- sent a check to Cleveland's Ensemble Theatre. the company uses the old Brooks Theater which has been part of the Cleveland Playhouse for years. in fact Newman made his stage debut on those very boards when he was 11. Ensemble is run by the Colombi twins (Lucia & Licia) who I remember from their student days at Kent State.

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