28 November 2004

toward a tryptophan journal

to & fro were both fraught with jostlery & noxious minors. but that sweet time in between.

back to my tower in Kent where I dancd with my past till Tills droppd by. after rummaging thru Bromige we did some rain walks: what's life of "Partially Buried Woodshed"       a pro golf shop in Akron       Quaker Square. finally a bar in Kent & Beckett. there I was flankd by the progenitors of this blog. the talk was all over the place -- from silly(man) to profound but never prolix.

the ayem of Thxgiving my host David Meredith & I slid across the turnpike to Elyria & my waiting parents who were tending turkey. soon cousin Sal Kovach arrivd with enuf food to salvage the Salvation Army & the feast began.

all next day was family time. from carting out Xmas boxes long in storage to preparing turkey soup. & it was all good.

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