12 November 2004

"Bridge over Arroyo"

I mentiond that my backyard leads into Arroyo Chamisa. some steps away is a foot bridge. abt a week ago I began a series of photographs taken in the middle of the bridge. in each one there are 2 items from my house.

in this photo one item is a saw my father gave me. I'm esp fond of it cause at one point he etchd his name on it. the other item is a silk herb pillow made by someone by the name of Jay. I purchasd it at Covent Garden Market for my mother. recently she began "organizing" & returnd it to me.

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durlx said...

Alex, it's so wonderful that you've started to blog! It seems like such a natural thing for you, I'm suprised that it took this long for you to get around to it! And I love the name. Having crossed that bridge over your arroyo with you makes it all that much more special. I'll be a regular reader.