13 November 2004

sometimes life can be so sweet

a knock on my door. by the time I opend it no one was there. but on the mat was a package. it was from my dear friend Cynthia in California. we were students together at Kent State in another century & happily have remaind in touch over the decades.

inside were 2 brightly beribbond packages & a card with toucan stickers. I opend the card first. it was an image of James Dean. there was Cynthia's familiar script beginning with "Alex dearheart." at the end was one of her signature ladybugs.

one package was a James Dean bank. because it rattld I opend it to find 2 pennies & some chocolates. the other package containd Campbell's limitd ed Andy Warhol soup cans.

the thoughtfulness & generosity of this unexpectd gift elevates my mood. everybody deserves a friend like Cynthia but not all of us are fortunate enuf to get one. so in this dark month of war & election disaster I suddenly want to astaire on the ceiling.

thank you dearheart....

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Craig said...

I really glad that you have started this. It gives me the treats of joining your life a little more and reading your wonderful writing.