22 November 2004

a slice of pumpkin pie

I'm on my way to Ohio for the week. will share Thxgiving with my parents in Elyria.


Moi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Alex. Wouldn't it be lovely if there is a time warp and Broad Street looks just like this when you arrive?

We will celebrate our third annual Thanksgiving in our little village in France. There will be Americans, French, British, Moroccans... about 30 of us.

Have a great trip.


AlexG said...

just back from Ohio. each visit seems to see something from my past gone. this time I visitd the Kent State campus & my dorm Stopher Hall was missing. it's now a big hole.

thx for the sweet message Moi. were you able to have turkey & pumpkin pie on that side of the pond?