11 November 2004

A or O?

hours after beginning this blog I receivd snail mail from the neighborhood association mentioning Arroyo Chamiso. I know that's the correct Spanish but I swear seeing signs around Santa Fe saying Arroyo Chamisa. so I sped to the phonebook where I found a nearby street is calld Arroyo Chamisos. but then yes I discoverd a reference to Arroyo Chamisa trail.

an arroyo is "a dry gully." in Spanish it's masculine. chamisa or Chrysothamnus nauseosus is a bush-like plant which reproduces easily. its yellow flower is a hallmark of late summer. it's feminine. the arroyo my backyard leads into is so full of chamisas it suggestd its name. the people who live along it are multi-cultural. their language use is as colorful as they are. so Arroyo Chamiso is proper but seen less often. since this improper gringo appreciates the mix of cultures & the confusion of male & female I'll stick with the way I 1st heard it & not change the name of this blog.


Steve said...

That's the way I decide things, too. We must have a lot in common.

:) Steve Tills

Jeff said...

i always go with my first thought too, since i'm always right lol

Dante said...

For the 2cents its worth, I always heard it as arroyo chamisa the whole time I lived there. I took it to be one of those odd new mexican things that are a shoot off of the rest of the way the world does things. Like when we say "la agua" instead of "el aqua" (which my spanish princess assures me is correct).

and yeahyeahyeahyeah on the new blog.