10 November 2004

a beginning again

what a morning.
from Tom Beckett's blog to Steve Tills' balls.
such an ignition.

my mind kentucky-derbyd faster than the diarist in me cd chart. I'm still not sure how I suddenly realizd I may have been the 1st poet to blog.

but you say this is my initial entry into that computer land mind.

the path from Tom in squirrel thong to Steve in silky running shorts is easy. then the blur. I remember writing to stranger Steve after reading in his blog that he'd been getting out the vote in my growing-up town of Elyria. I remember approaching my toothbrush with the consideration of joining that horde of blogging poets. I think I was attending to my molars when it struck me that my early poem journals wd've/cd've been blogs had we been an online universe then.

it startd with Dec. '70:Ohio a sort of experiment that grew into The Year Book & finishd with Swimming which r.j.s. brought out in 1976.

reaction at the time was mixd. one professor calld The Year Book "a piece of shit." Ian Young sd it was "composed of banal gossip." however Ron Schreiber found its details "rich and rewarding." & Mort Krahling wrote a mirror piece in response.

by the time I was rinsing out my mouth I was convincd that I cd offer this early trio of books as evidence that I was the unknowing & unknown paterfamilias of poet-bloggers.

but then one needs no provenance to begin blogging. so add me to the list. I'm unsure if I possess the imagination & endurance to make this startling. if I bore too terribly e me.