20 November 2004

thumbs up

pulld the last of Bernice Pogan's brownies from the freezer. brewd green tea. unwrappd the DVD of "Gladiators Seven."

I was 13 when I discoverd Richard Harrison in physique magazines. shortly thereafter he began appearing in bits in Hollywood films. then in the early 60s he went to Italy where he finally became a star. this 1962 movie is a fine example of the sword & scandal genre. but the main reason to see it is to feast on Harrison's beauty. he was 27 when it was shot in Rome & Madrid. in the film he pole vaults battles with swords rides a horse rapells a mountain.

movie legend has it that he turnd down a certain role in a certain spaghetti western but suggestd to director Sergio Leone that his friend Clint Eastwood mite do. which makes Harrison's cameo in "Pussycat Pussycat I Love You" quite poignant. in it he parodies Eastwood's showdown scene.

on my 1st visit to Palm Springs (where he twice ran for mayor unsuccessfully) I spoke with him on the phone. he was so important to my development that my knees were wobbly. however we have never met.

most of his foreign films aren't available here. he made one with another favorite of mine -- Guy Madison -- which I've always wantd to see. maybe another evening. with more brownies & green tea.

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