14 September 2010

Kevin McCarthy (1914-2010)

Kevin took this picture of me in Twin Lakes when he came over to swim in 1976.


Bill Fogle said...

That Twin Lakes place (apartment? house?) looks neat. Either that or the old photography is casting a spell. I think the latter. Was it your house (with pool)? Impressed that you knew Kevin McCarthy. I think your biography has opened up very slowly for me, like my mother's did. Honestly, I did not know you were a celebrity (or a demi-, semi-celebrity, or whatever) when I first 'met' you.

Bill Fogle said...

Alex, in the above I meant to write "I think the FORMER." It's 2:45 a.m. and I am locked in a bout of insomnia (and quite sober), so my language skills are poor.

AlexG said...

the pool was next to a house that my first partner & I ownd sometime in the last century.

Kevin was in Kent to play the stage manager in "Our Town" & we chummd around. I later visitd him backstage on Broadway but as things happen lost touch over the years.

as for being a celeb.... that's pretty funny. altho I do recall once being calld "a semi-legend." that had me rolling on the floor.