15 September 2010

Alan Horvath (1952?-2010)



keeper of the flame


MjB said...

It's impressive how much work it was to produce a book or a magazine via mimeograph, not to mention the potential hassles of distribution, persecution, public disinterest, etc. It says a lot about the personal investment one would have to make to do that. That must have been an interesting time in Cleveland, for good and bad. Thanks for the links and the information about Horvath and his work.

Take care,

Jesus Crisis said...

I am grateful for Alan's existence. May he rest in peace.

cinemage books said...

Don't know of him. He was awfully young.

Joe Arcangelini said...

I knew Alan briefly back in Cleve-o in the 70's - he used to use the name "Stuck-in-Nowhere" - we were almost exactly the same age so he was born in 1952 - I relay a story about him in my memoir about the reading series I coordinated back then @ Moonshine & Genesis (on my blog) & I'm working on one just about him - I didn't know him well but he was one of the first to publish my poems in his mimeomag "The Burnt River Primer" - was sorry to hear when he died - Joe