16 September 2010

some days

I wonder if this really is the 21st century.

my morning starts with vitamin pills & juice after which I stumble toward the tv for the news. this morning it's tape of the Delaware loon proclaiming the evils of masturbation. then we see the queen of England lumbering beside the pope.

after my cereal I turn on the computer & check the obits to see who didn't make it thru the nite. then favorite blogs & other sites. I learn that today Anne Francis turns 80.

all right. I know not everyone who visits here is as addictd to cinema as I am. so if you are of a certain age & disposition you may not know or care who Anne Francis is. but I do. so I lift my coffee mug in her honor.

these days I suspect her best known film is "Forbidden Planet." she's also become somewhat of a tv cult figure for her short-lived series "Honey West."

her leading man in that show was my friend John Ericson. some years ago he introduced me to her at Riva Yares Gallery in town. they also appeard opposite each other in the classic film "Bad Day at Black Rock."

so while some queen grasping her expensive handbag walks alongside the rodent pope & the teabaggers protest they really aren't homophobic racists I'll check out Anne Francis on You Tube. soon my state will elect one of those lunatic ladies from the backward-looking Tea Party Express as our 1st female governor. maybe it doesn't matter. all politicians seem to end up as power-hungry crooks. perhaps it's time to give up on all the cable political panels & only watch old movies. Anne Francis will always be more important to me than Sarah Palin.


richard lopez said...

amen! i share your sentiments, alex. palin is the worst actor of the moment. her shrill distemper against the whole fabric of what seems to be this our world drives me bonkers. i suppose what i need to do is reclaim my own rights of pleasure and clarity. and for me those belong in the realm of poetry and cinema. not to retreat from the stage of world affairs, esp. now when the times are so grim, but to assert my own necessity of what it means to be human and declare that this human requires regular infusions of what makes him happy, poems and films.

cinemage books said...

Love your calling him the rodent pope, I call him the nazi pope. We have a nut job also running here in new york for governor, but no doubt cuomo will beat him big time. Not a big fan of his either even though he must have a big one. I hope the republicans nominate the bitch Palin, think of those debates, and all those stupid remarks of hers. She acts like a big shit now, because she's up there in the spotlight, wait until the the real stuff starts, and she's brought down. I hate politics and I might not even vote this november. I'll stick with Anne Francis even though she's probably a conservative like all the old stars are.

AlexG said...

don't know anything abt AF's politics but she's written abt paranormal experiences & before her cancer battle was involvd with several charities inc Desert AIDS Project.

& of course her co-star JE is a liberal.