13 September 2010

false advertising

just back from a weekend in Denver. I went for the King Tut exhibition. I'd missd previous incarnations of the show. it's theatrically presentd with Harrison Ford narrating the commentary. & there are exquisite pieces worth seeing.

however all the ads feature the most famous item from that treasure trove -- the boy king's gold funeral mask. & that piece is absent from this version of the traveling show.


richard lopez said...

we saw the king tut exhibit last jan. at the de young in golden gate park. we thought it was a wonderful presentation of the works of ancient egypt, even felt a little intimate too, but it was omar sharrif who narrated the exhibit. what simply blows my mind is the melding of digital technology with old-fashioned static displays that are now common-place in contemporary museums.

AlexG said...

intimate: you mean the toilet seat?

richard lopez said...

nay! i missed that throne.