24 September 2010


many years ago Mom had a penpal in England. her name was Kathleen. maybe that was why I decid'd as a child to have one. I no longer remember where I got the girl's contact material or just how we startd writing. I don't even recall her name or how long that correspondence lastd. she lived in Alaska & my first question to her was "do you live in an igloo?" she didn't.

more recently -- & more importantly -- I've had another penpal. we can't agree on exactly how long ago it was that we met in a chatroom but Bob & I have written each other almost daily for at least a decade.

yesterday we finally met face-to-face. I had such a good time & hope he did as well. I'm not sure why it took us so long to meet. perhaps each of us was afraid the other wdn't find us as scintillating in real time as online. but it was effortless. & when we sd goodbye it was as if we've known each other a dozen years. but then we have.

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Stephen said...

It is lovely when we reach out, take chances & connect with other people. That is what this journey is all about.