16 July 2007

past & present

rather than bore or irritate you with an explanation of all my hours spent in Chicago Midway on both ends of the trip I'll go straight to Kent.

David Meredith pickd me up at the airport & after 3 hours sleep I spent a day researching in Special Collections at KSUL. among the things squirreld away in my papers were a set of photographs actor Kevin McCarthy took in my Twin Lakes home in 1976. here's one of me in the livingroom:

from work I went directly to a lovely little party Alfred Cavaretta threw me on his porch.

here he's serving hors d'oeuvres to watercolorist Henry Walker   sculptor Brinsley Tyrrell   weaver Lillian Tyrrell & poet Maggie Anderson.


Vera Charles said...

A quarter to four. You missed it by one hour.

Do you listen to my podcasts?

Needy kisses,

AlexG said...

Vera doll --

I'm such an old fart & my computer still not as fast as it shd be that I confess to not hearing that fab voice. I tried & it seemd as if I cdn't download. I think I have to subscribe to a faster DSL. but when they come out in an album I'll buy the CD. yes I do have a CD player. altho I confess to adoring vinyl & still enjoy the spin of a turntable.