01 September 2010

how we change

my last post got me thinking abt my experiences with autographs. I think the first celebrity I askd was film star Denise Darcel when I was 12. later that same year I also got the signatures of Keefe Brasselle & Duke Ellington when they visitd Elyria. & I remember being disappointd when Carl Sandburg refusd to sign.

early trips to Manhattan had me at stage doors. I waitd what seemd forever for Geraldine Page who expressd shock that I was still there.

I never considerd the psychology of autograph hunting & won't here. but like so many things in life its appeal simply went away. as someone who once held autographs in esteem it tickles me now when someone asks for mine. it doesn't happen with any regularity but sometimes at readings (which in themselves don't happen to me with regularity). it brings back so many memories.

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Bill Fogle said...

Geraldine Page and Duke Ellington. Justy to have seen them ...