31 August 2010

Scott Caan's first autograph

watching "American Outlaws" last nite it was tough to take my eyes off Colin Farrell as Jesse James. but when I did it was to look at Scott Caan as Cole Younger. this beefy little guy has a certain swagger that the camera likes.

& as I watchd Caan I rememberd meeting him 15 years ago. it was at the Taos Talking Picture Festival after a screening of his first film "A Boy Called Hate." he seemd a bit nervous. I askd him to sign my program. he told me it was the first time he'd ever been askd for an autograph.

the signatures beneath his are those of co-star Adam Beach & their director Mitch Marcus.


Stephen said...

Terrific anecdote!

Stephen said...

Autographs. I have worked with some talented & cool people: Angela Lansbury,Peter Graves, Keifer Sutherland, Matt Dillon, Kevin Kline, Joan Plowright...
I have never asked for an autograph, except for Joel Grey.

I have Joan Plowright's from a thank-you note she wrote to me.

Alas, Not a single person has asked for mine.

Kevin Killian said...

Hi Alex,

Scott Caan is OK, though in recent years he's sort of lost it, I don't know, but oh, that Adam Beach! I'd break down iron bars to get to him.