06 January 2010

Tom & I at Garford

we're side by side in the middle of the 2nd row:

in an e-mail Tom wrote
It is hard to believe we used to step into those recessed windows while playing hide and seek. If I go back to writing the architecture column for the paper I will give a mention to Garford School. It was designed by Silsbee who came to the area to supervise the construction of buildings at Oberlin College (the Arch on the Square and Men's Building I believe.) for his father back in Chicago. His father was the first man to hire Frank Lloyd Wright. Silsbee supervised the building of Garford School in two phases. The basement and the first floor were built several years before the top floor. I have walked over to look at it several times but cannot see the seam.

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Bill Fogle said...

Fascinating about the history of the building! (word verif: "sings")