15 January 2010

a 1977 collaboration

going thru files I uncoverd this poem. I was askd by Akron Art Institute (its pre-museum name) to be part of "Concept"   a day's activities which included a performance by a local band by the name of DEVO.

investigating collaborations of poets I wrote a line & sent it to Paul Metcalf asking him to write the next line & send it on till there were 10 lines by 10 poets.

here's the result:

she pulled from her packsack
a sixpack of mead, a wineskin of sack
the bricabrac of her life and a used valentine
"I donno," she said, "this perfect
ly sibilant tree that shades me
drinks up the moon with many a mouth
cries back at me" her numbers, lights
alarmed, spawn dark fires chewing
darkness, "your heat makes pink tongues brittle, voices
bald like an old brunette's heart."

Alex Gildzen
Paul Metcalf
Harry Lewis
Toby Olson
Janet Rodney
Nathaniel Tarn
Jerome Rothenberg
David Meltzer
Barbara Einzig
Alice Notley

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