30 January 2010


Rip Torn's arrest for trying to rob a bank while drunk seems more like a movie plot line than a newspaper story.


richard lopez said...

are you serious? i've not read the paper today, got wet when tossed in a puddle by the delivery guy. that's just weird. a weird story. do you think torn was acting out a long-held fantasy of being a dashing bad guy / bank robber?

AlexG said...

no. I'm afraid he's just an alcoholic who needs help. this isn't his 1st arrest but his most serious.

cinemage books said...

Maybe he'll stop making movies. I use to live down the block from his and Geraldine Page's townhouse in Chelsea, and yes its true the name on the bell was torn/page, and sometimes I would see Page in the supermarket looking very bit the housewife, pushing a cart full of beer. Friendly as hell to the clerks.