26 January 2010

the first half

of my long LA weekend was awful. relentless rain & cold. but then it cleard & I was able to see some friends.

but the real reason I went to LA was to see "The PeeWee Herman Show." I had tix for the day after Thxgiving at an intimate spot on Hollywood Blvd. but in process the show became too high tech for that space. when it was switchd to Club Nokia downtown the dates changd. so I had to fly in again just for the event.

& despite the crap weather when I arr'd it was worth the trip. Paul Reubens is a comedy master & his PeeWee creation indelible.

some of his fans became vocal over the venue/date change. to placate them Reubens gave the original ticket buyers unique access to him. after each performance he meets with them. I remember in the days of the tv series & Tim Burton films Reubens wd only appear in character. so it was at first stunning to see him come out in costume & be Paul Reubens. he answerd all questions & even left the stage to mingle with his excitd fans.

he sd that at first he dread'd doing the meet & greet but that as it's come along he now enjoys the experience. & he's quite humble & appreciative of the reception being given to the comeback of his most important character.


Stephen said...

I lve him so much & I am so glad to have him back!

richard lopez said...

i was just talking about pee-wee herman a few days ago with some friends. we all loved his tv show and i think his first movie PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE directed by tim burton is a masterpiece. it's wonderful to see reubens back and back in character. i'll have to watch BIG ADVENTURE this weekend to celebrate.