05 January 2010


is a topic you seldom see in my writing because the game doesn't figure much in my life. living so close to Cleveland I grew up with the Indians & had a period in my boyhood when I actually followd the game. looking back I realize part of that was a crush on Al Rosen.

the photo below shows me playing the game at Eastern Heights during that short window of Indians fanhood. (the formidable woman was my teacher Mrs. Beck.)

the reason I mention the game is a book I'm reading. The Spitball Knuckleball Book is a well-researchd well-designd volume which will enthrall true fans of the sport. & its author is someone I've known for over 61 years. Tom Mahl & I were students at Garford Elementary School before we became neighbors. where my backyard end'd his began.

in my last chapbook is a poem calld "Tom Mahl Reminds Me." this video -- shot in front of what was Garford school -- lacks quality but here it is anyway.

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malibu boy said...

That teacher was certainly...formidable. Mercy.