02 January 2010

more laundry

cleaning house is a New Years Day tradition. so when I returnd from the gym I got into it. by nightfall I was tired & watchd a Lawrence Tierney DVD.

this morning I've been out of the loop. it's the second day of the year. no holiday. but because of yesterday it doesn't feel like a routine day either. some of my sadness is gone. beginning another year with more dead friends & family is always tough. but there's still an edge of anxiety abt what the year will bring.

so I kept my bathrobe on too long as I did some cleansering here   some organizing there. clearly no direction. not like me. I prefer pointing to where I want to go then going there.

I finally got dressd. I have some wee tasks to accomplish. maybe wee is plenty for a day that isn't a holiday.

1 comment:

Montgomery Maxton said...

don't forget about the laundry in my room. thanks. m