16 June 2009

West Hollywood

LA Pride Parade & Festival

I'm much too old to be "pretty in pink" but I wantd Bob to see his shirt

I have no idea why these guys were in their underwear

Gavin Newsom

Ben Patrick Johnson


malibu boy said...

Your pink shirt matches the pink undies of the parade boys. Fantastic.

I love that my clothes are getting to travel much more than I ever get to these days!

gleeindc said...

While the boys in underwear are so boringly typical for pride parades and so are the politicians, I did wonder if Gavin was going commando, since there were no visible pantie lines in that part of his photo

AlexG said...

between trying to take Newsom's picture & shake his hand before he went furthur down Santa Monica I didn't have a chance for much crotch-gazing. but I can tell you he's tall & every bit as handsome as the media portrays him.