22 June 2009

I startd

spending time in the little park in Plaza Entrada during my crack-up earlier this year. it was a sorting-out place for me.

now that I'm feeling like myself again I still enjoy some park time a couple of mornings a week. there's a calm there. I become part of a community flow. there's the godbless woman who calls me "sir." those who bring a parade of canines to the grooming parlor. this morning a hot young man with shaved head who works for the city & helps keep the place tidy. I can see the train go by. I can remember the bleakness of january while breathing deep the joy of being alive right now.

today had a special benefit -- the sprinklers were on. it had the soothing quality of the misters in Palm Springs. only better. the sound of the water is music. & the coolness in the air refreshes.

a lovely way to begin a day.