07 June 2009


I'm old enuf to look back on many addictions in my lifetime. one was awards. I have countless moldering videotapes of shows of awards that no longer even exist. but as I slip into my dotage I've become vocal in my opposition to awards. all of them are so steepd in politics that they are meaningless. we all know that the Oscar for best director never went to Hitchcock or Altman. or the Pulitzer for poetry to Frank O'Hara.

but as silly as I find awards these days I'll still tune in the Tonys tonite. it's usually the best of those shows. & it gives a westerner a chance to catch up on what's happening on Broadway. this year a local boy Neil Patrick Harris has the daunting task of stepping into Hugh Jackman's emcee shoes. & I'll get a chance to see favorites -- both longtime like Alice Ripley & newer like sexy Nick Adams.


AlexG said...

so far this year's show is so bad you'd think it was the Oscars.

cinemage books said...

I've seen worse. It was big colorful and glitzy & geared towards the tourists. Now with HD tv some of the presenters and performers looked really bad.