02 June 2009

& in another dark corner

Sherry Jackson

producer William Asher (husband of Elizabeth Montgomery for a decade) who also directd "I Love Lucy" & wrote/directd "Beach Blanket Bingo"


Bill Fogle said...

Faintly, vaguely recognize Asher's name. How fabulous!

Unrelatedly, was thinking today of "The Wizard of Roz," which was removed from the Wikipedia article on Russell. (We watched "Auntie Mame" for the zillionth time last night.)

richard lopez said...

william asher!!!! wonderful. i think i'd be so tongue-tied if i met him. i love his beach movies. summers just ain't summer without a little frankie and annette as filmed by asher.

malibu boy said...

I know of Asher from the countless bios I've read of Lucy. Wow.

And Ann Rutherford...why do I know of her?

AlexG said...

Ann Rutherford is best known for playing Sc arlett's sister in "GWTW" & Polly Benedict in the Andy Hardy films. she co-starrd with hunky George Montgomery in "Orchestra Wives." the noir film they showd was "Inside Job." on tv she playd Suzanne Pleshette's mother on "Bob Newhart Show."