29 June 2009

finding the lost

so Joe came. he was lounging in a magazine. intriguid I went to the computer. there I found color portraits his lover Harvey made of him so long ago. memories of Factory cohorts. moments of a life.

after dinner (salad with brie) Arthur came. I'd read abt him some time ago. but now I cd see him   hear him. he was in the room playing his music for me.

so tonite I make this small circle. Joe Campbell & Arthur Russell & I take hands. of course it's awkward at first. we're all strangers & they're both dead. but I whisper to them how glad I am to be with them. & for that quick priceless moment the same shiver goes thru the three of us. we know how narrow is that bridge between life & death.

I doubt the three of us will sit together again. like so many of the good things it wasn't long. but I imagine future nites closing my eyes & remembering this circle.

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